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Training and Sports Club 

Simply Animals Dog Training & Sports club was founded in 2021 after we moved to our farm at Grains Bar. We offer a wide range of activities here at Simply Animals from basic Puppy Training through to competitive activities.


"We are passionate about creating better relationships between owners and their dogs, and making a difference to their lives"

Our aim is to help owners learn the basics in puppy care and life skills, have a try at agility or obedience, tackle training challenges and build a unique bond with their dog. We offer a selection of dog sports and training classes along with the Kennel Club's Good Citizens Award Scheme. We have both indoor and outdoor facilities to ensure that training can continue whatever the weather. This includes a 20m x 40m rubber and sand outdoor arena, a smaller rubber and sand indoor and a 2 acre secure dog field to help with creating real life training situations. 

A better relationship between you and your dog is always possible. Sometimes all it takes is a little help! Through classes where both dog and owner can learn in a fun, positive environment or private sessions to tackle your doggy challenges, Simply Animals Dog Training and Sports Club can make a difference.

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SA Membership

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Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.  All members no matter when they joined will renew at the beginning of January each year.  


Annual Membership is £15.00 for 1 dog and £10 for each dog there after. This means that anyone can work or compete the dog and still gain points towards the Simply Animals League

Please note that communication regarding training sessions if cancelled for any reason will be posted on our club's Facebook page or your training groups whatapp) 

Member benefits

= discounts on clinics, workshops and more

- 3rd party insurance at SA events 

- Entered into the SA points league at the presentation evening


Club Activities - Book here

The Simply Animals Approach 

At Simply Animals we train dogs using reward based methods, and do not advocate the use of any training equipment which changes behaviour by causing pain or fear in dogs.

Reward based training enhances the bond between dog and owner

Reward based training will not cause pain or injury to dogs

It is easier for dogs to learn if we reward them for doing the right behaviours rather than telling them off when they get things wrong

Reward based training does not rely on making dogs worried or frightened, so there is less danger of causing problem behaviours

Dogs which are trained with rewards enjoy learning - they are a partner in the training sessions and often 'offer' new behaviours to see if they get a reward

We use fun and games as well as rewards to train our dogs without them even realising they are working

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