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Points league - How it works 

As a member you will gain points for various activities and competitions throughout the year. Your points will be added up and rosettes for the top points winners will be presented at presentation evening each year.

There will be awards for Rally, Agility, Hoopers, Scentwork, Pet training (puppy and good citizens), Social walks and then all the points from each discipline will be added together to get an overall league winner

Your now a member

To get you started you will be awarded 2 points for becoming a member



For any SA camps you attend you will receive 2 points per day


SSA Agility, Canicross & Rally shows / Races

Entering = 1 point

6th place = 2 points

5th place = 3 points 

4th place = 4 points 

3rd place = 5 points 

2nd place = 6 points 

1st place = 7 points 


8 week blocks

Each time you book onto an 8 week block you will get 1 point 


Good citizens tests

For booking on a good citizens test and attending you will receive 1 point. Passing a test will gain you, (Bronze - 3 points, Silver - 5 points and Gold - 7 points)


Competing at a non SA show

Entering - 1 point 

Placing - 2 points 

Levelling out of a Grade or level in Rally or Agility -  3 points 

Pam and River[26121].jpg

SA Outside trainer workshops and clinics

For each outside trainer workshop or clinic you book on and attend you will receive 2 points 

canine physio.jpg

Passing a level within your discipline

Each time you pass a level within our chosen disciplines you will receive 1 point


Helping at a SA event or an organised activity

1 point per time 

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