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The Simply Animals Canicross League 

Get Fit:     Have Fun:     Build a bond:     Start a sport:

This is an inclusive sport with us offering a 5k running route and a 5k walking route, in various locations across amazing countryside and over all different terrains.


What is Canicross

CaniCross is a dog powered sport where the dog is harnessed and attached to the runner by a bungee. All abilities of humans and most breeds of dogs can participate.

The sport started with mushers training their lead sled dogs when there was no snow. Since then the sport has developed into a recreational and competitive sport.

Learning to CaniCross should be really good fun for you and your dog. 

Your dog must be fully grown (at least 12 months old) to start CaniCross but there is no upper age limit as long as your dog is fit and healthy. Care should be taken with brachiocephalic breeds such as Bulldogs but if you have any concerns about whether your dog should participate, please consult with your vet​​

Your dog's CaniCross experiences should always be positive so before you hit the trails,


What equipment you need 

Harness for handler - this must go around your legs and hips not just your waist. 

Bungee lead, We would recommend one with a handle close to the dog to allow you to shorten the lead when required

Dog harness, these must not restrict any shoulder movement.

Hi-Viz and lights for both humans and dogs. You will also need a head torch. 

Trainers with good support and off road tread. 

Good running clothing and a light weight water proof coat. i would also recommend a warm coat, towel and water for you and your dog once you finish. 


How the league works 

The league is run in 3 terms, this can be booked as 1 booking (Sept - May) or booked termly. 

Each week we meet on a Wednesday evening at 6.15 in various locations to run the 5k or walk the 5k routes in a social manor. We practice good & positive techniques to help you and your dog build an unbreakable bond, while getting fit, having fun, making friends and learning a competitive sport. 

Once a term we start and finish at a pub so we can have something to eat and drink together once the run in complete. 

Canitreking - How the 5k routes work

These are a shorter version of the 5k route, so you will be setting off and finishing at the same place as the 5k group. This group however will be walking the route and the aim is to build up your walking fitness, help you return from injury, build up your confidence in the countryside and also show you some different routes.


Additional Training 

While taking part in canicross you will also be offered addition training such as map reading and route planning.  


How the competition side of the league works 

Points system 

Each week you will learn a new route. You will then need to re run / walk each route and submit your time to the Facebook page. you will receive the following points for each week. 

1 point - for submitting a time

2 points - 3rd fastest time

3 points - 2nds fastest time

4 points - fastest time 

The 5k running and the 3k walking will be judged separately. 

Race run

Each term we run one of the runs again as a race. There will be stewards around the course to help you. This will go towards the end of season presentation prizes 

100m sprint 

Each term there will be a timed 100m sprint / walk on one of the routes. this will be done individually and timed. This will go towards the end of season presentation prizes 

Presentation Evening 

At the end of the league we will hold a presentation evening where prizes will be awarded not only for the above but also other awards. These will be awards by trainers and also group votes. 

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