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Hemm & Boo rope sliplead

Hemm & Boo rope sliplead

* Durable and Strong

* Reflective

* Unique Slider to Prevent Choking

* Hand Stitched Leather Tabs

The Dog & Co Mountain Rope Slip Lead is designed as a collar and lead in one.

The perfect lead for walking your dog in all weathers

on the beach, up hills and down dales!

Easily adjusts and quickly slips over your dog's head with its unique metal slider that prevents choking.

This lead combines the strength and wearing properties of manufactured sailing rope

with the natural strength of premium leather full grain tabs.

It has an inner nylon core wrapped with tightly woven threads interlaced with a reflective band.

One Size

1/2" x 60" / 1.2 x 150cm

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